Risk and Disclosures

Real estate funds are not insured by the FDIC, Board of Real Estate, Securities and Exchange Commission, or any other government agency. Additionally, American Colonial Capital, its principals and associates are not allowed to guarantee the success of the investments. The investments involve certain risks and are suitable only for persons of adequate means who anticipate no need for immediate liquidity.

  • The value of the property is given by the appraiser reflecting his/her opinion of the value at a specific date. There is no assurance that the appraised value will reflect a fair market value, as general and local economic conditions may change.

  • The funds ability to repay the investment will depend upon the funds’s financial conditions which could change over time and cash flows of overall assets.

  • There are general risks associated with real estate investments including general or local economic conditions, neighborhood values, interest rates, real estate tax rates, the supply of and demand for properties of the type involved, the ability of the fund to obtain necessary alternative financing, governmental rules and acts of nature.

  • Default by the borrower could interrupt your monthly payments. This will result in the initiation of the a recapture process (ie liquidation of the asset or longer period for repayments. In extreme cases, it may be possible for the investor to recover less than the original amount of your initial investment. Investments offered through ACC are not liquid, not transferable and involve risk, including loss of principal.

  • All investments carry some type of risk. Money invested through American Colonial Capital is not guaranteed to earn interest and is not insured. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Before investing, investors will be provided with applicable disclosure documents. Mortgage broker fees, investment fees, development fees will apply to all loans brokered by American Colonial Capital and or non affiliate entities unless stated otherwise.

  • All prospective investors must certify that they are accredited investors, suitable for this type of illiquid investment, and must acknowledge that they have received and read all investment terms. Direct and indirect purchase of real property involves significant risks, including market risks, risk related to sale of land and risks specific to a given property. There is a potential for loss of part or ALL of investment capital.