• High Fixed Yield – Great return on investment with 13-18% returns, historically beating the Dow Jones average.

  • Fixed income – A ACC investment is considered to be a fixed income security, with fixed yields from 13-18%. ACC secured by tangible real property, when professionally underwritten and managed, have become a good investment alternative for the income producing portion of an investment portfolio.

  • Diversification – ACC investing offers many investors, particularly retirees, another method of diversification to help reduce volatility in their portfolio and a way to generate additional income.

  • Security – Fund secured by real estate assets

  • Stability – Interest remains constant throughout the term of the loan.

  • Low Cost – Servicing fees range from 1.25% to 2% annualized, calculated on the unpaid principle balance.

  • Predictability – Most fixed-income investments also provide a predictable stream of income. This can be an advantage for current or near retirees who seek regular income to supplement a pension and/or Social Security.

  • Tax Advantage – The interest income generated by some fixed income investments are tax deferred or tax exempt from federal and/or state income taxes. This includes investing your IRA or pension funds in ACC Fund.

    ACCs CDs Stocks Municipal Bonds
    Interest 13-18% 1-4% Variable 4-5%
    Risk Low-Moderate Low High Low-Moderate
    Secured by Real Estate FDIC Paper Municipalities
    Liquidity Fixed Term Yes with penalty Yes Yes
    Commission None None Always Always
  • ACC fund have the highest return on investment with a relatively low risk.

  • Your ACC investment are secured strictly by Real Estate

  • You may invest at American Colonial Capital with a minimum term of 5 years