Our Company

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American Colonial Capital Fund, is a $200 million real estate fund that was founded to procure funds for the primary purpose of acquiring, developing, financing and managing real estate assets. ACC takes an “asset based” approach to private equity investing, and invests across a broad range of industries dominated by tangible physical and financial assets. We believe it will provide downside protection and stable cash flows.

The initial Fund is segregated into two principal businesses, Hospitality Real Estate Acquisition and Reposition, and Real Estate Hospitality Franchise Ownership / Operations, that invest principally in Hyatt, Marriott and Hilton brand products. ACC maintains other professional services such as real estate brokerage, property development, hotel management and food and beverage services to augment Fund investment returns through cost avoidance and other revenue generating strategies. Our core to the Fund’s strategy is its relationship with Brands that are willing to provide locations, feasibility, and operational management assistance. We currently seek available select service hospitality portfolios in the western coastal US market and related Hotel Management Services Companies.

In addition, ACC will consider investing in other commercial real estate (“CRE”) such as land parcels or Multi- Family, Commercial Retail Center and entertainment centers to provide expansion options and cash flow generating opportunities.

ACC seeks to invest in companies and portfolios with valuable, often unique assets, that in the company’s view can benefit over time from high barriers to entry, strong, stable cash flows and attractive fundamentals. ACC takes an active approach to private equity investing, seeking situations where significant value can be unlocked and created through balance sheet restructuring, operational improvements, and strategic management. The fund also partners with management to grow the businesses organically and through acquisitions, particularly in consolidating industries.

Mission Statement

American Colonial Capitals’ mission is to identify opportunistic real estate investments, develop creative strategies for adding value and effectively executing those strategies to generate exceptional returns while providing consistent, stable cash flow.

Belief System & Founding Principles:

American Colonial Capital was founded very much in line with the spirit and values of early America. We are conservative by nature, embrace individual freedoms and view hard work as a vital ingredient for building the future. We invest behind tangible, hard assets that we can improve through market know-how and hands-on, diligent management.

We believe that American hospitality real estate has been and will always be one of the world’s best, long-term investments, for both individuals and institutions. America’s transparent regulatory environment, sophisticated capital markets and long history of documented real estate transactions have served to give hospitality real estate an inherent investment advantage—the ability to actively manage the outcome over time, notwithstanding an adverse economic climate.

  • Operator-owned assets, with aligned short and long term goals, can have a significant impact on future value.

  • Quality real estate assets attract attractive capital providers for both equity and debt. The inherent collateral offers the ability to lever for high returns and/or faster expansion, subject to underwriting standards and investment philosophy.

  • There is substantial downside protection, particularly when non-speculative, development real estate and quality cash-flowing assets are acquired.

We do this for our own investments, for joint ventures where we invest with others, as well as by providing advice to clients on complex real estate transactions. We also seek to make this investment expertise available to smaller individual investors who generally do not have the expertise or ability to make such investments, by sponsoring through our affiliates.

We seek out opportunities by investing in real estate, non-performing loans, distressed assets, real estate-dependent operating companies, and select service hotels, commercial and multi-family development opportunities throughout the United States.

In executing our investment strategy we employ a dual strategy in building portfolios - one strategy focuses on acquiring existing stabilized cash flowing assets to support stable, consistent, dividend distributions to our investors. The second strategy focuses on acquiring opportunistic assets that we can reposition, redevelop or remarket to create value enhancement and capital appreciation.

We are committed to our tenants and our partner. We strive to deliver exceptional work place environments and innovative solutions to meet or exceed our tenants' real estate needs.

We are also committed to our team of professionals, by forging a growth-oriented work place with emphasis on personal achievement, growth and learning. We are passionate and committed to excel at all we do. We strive to be the premier real estate investment and operating company in our markets as recognized by our clients, our partners, our employees, our tenants and the investment community.


American Colonial Capital has become one of the most active hospitality investors nationwide and is continually monitoring hotel markets for potential investments. As a result of its current nationwide presence, American Colonial Capital has extensive market knowledge, excellent operational expertise and strong relationships with the nation's largest hospitality lenders and advisors. This provides the company with a steady deal flow and a strong reputation in concluding both actively-marketed deals and off-market negotiated transactions.

We have long-standing relationships with major real estate investors, major hospitality lenders, investment houses, hotel companies, brokers and other intermediaries. These relationships have provided attractive joint-venture opportunities and are an important source of deal flow, which allows for "off-market" opportunities. American Colonial Capital has also been involved in debtor-in-possession companies and distressed debt with the ultimate view to equity ownership.

Opportunities near and far.